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Children learning.

Mission Statement

We will provide an environment of excellence where students and staff are engaged responsibly in 21 st Century learning within the context of priority standards. We will inspire each student to innovate,

News & Announcements

Rennaissance Home Connect

Log on to Renaissance Home Connect to access real-time information on your student’s progress, sign up to receive emails about quiz activity, stay up to date, and keep your child motivated

Discovery's PTC No - Fuss Fundraiser

This year the Discovery PTC has decided to try a No-Fuss Fundraiser to raise the necessary funds for the PTC organization. All PTC funds are collected to help teachers and students with supplies and extra-curricular activities. The PTC are also rasing funds to support Discovery's S.T.E.A.M. lab and materials for the future.

September is attendance Month

The Fruitvale School District and Discovery Elementary believes there is a direct correlation to student achievement and the number of instructional minutes a student receives on a daily basis. The facts are clear: when students are chronically absent from elementary school, they fall behind academically. Research shows that early school attendance is a critical building block to a child’s success, yet many elementary students miss valuable learning time. These patterns of missing school start young—as early as preschool—and can have lasting, cumulative effects on students’ academic achievement and social development. Elementary school truancy and chronic absence is a solvable problem. Small, manageable changes in policies and practices can improve elementary school attendance. And when school attendance improves, academic achievement improves. (In School + On Track 2015)
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